Become a Virtual DJ with Friends and Enjoy Music Together with AuxParty

What if you could go to a website with your friends where each of you stood on stage as DJ’s and took turns playing songs while chatting and cheering?You give points for good song selections or hit the proverbial gong to skip bad choices. And while you do this, earning points like you’re at Chuck E Cheese so you can shop to upgrade your avatar. Sound cool? Well yes it is.

You can do this right now at which is the revival of much loved service I wrote about in 2011 called that this site pays homage to. The site is very similar and while I can’t recall all of the differences, the major one is that now you can connect your Spotify account to easily create your DJ playlist from their vast library.

During this pandemic and the era of social distancing we continue searching for new and unique ways to connect to each other and music is such a fantastic way to do this. I’ve been co-hosting Saturday night Pandemic Party’s on Zoom with an IRL friend who has been DJ’ing these but Auxparty provides a much lower barrier to entry to achieve this.

Here’s a few tips to help you get started on Auxparty

Upon visiting the site you will be required to log in with either your Spotify or SoundCloud account. After creating your account you can view all the public rooms which will show how many DJ’s and listeners are in each of them along with the room name and cover art of the current song playing.

Choose Your Room

Once in you can either stand in the crowd and enjoy the music played by the DJ’s while cheering them on with points or joining the chat. Or you can step on stage and become a DJ along with them. There are limited spots though so if the room has hit a maximum you can join another room or create your own.

If you become a DJ it’s very easy to either use their interface to create your playlist or you can actually use the Spotify app to add songs to a playlist they create called “Auxparty Queue” to add songs. As you play songs if the crowd likes what they hear they will cheer you on with one of several icons which will garner you points. You can then later use the points to upgrade your avatar with hats or glasses so show your skillz and stand out.

Earn points and upgrade your avatar

If you create a room it will live until nobody is left in the room and 20 minutes have elapsed. If you go into a room without a DJ the room will continue to repeat songs that previous DJ’s selected.

Well that covers most of the high level features. Now go check it out and spin some tunes with friends. If you do join be sure to stop by the Pandemic Party room and say hi if I’m in there.