a million ways to say it

i knew there was something different
i didn’t know what
i didn’t know why
i just knew

meeting you has changed my beliefs
i’m beginning to believe in fate
i’ve come to believe in love

from the time i first felt vulnerable
to the moment you gave me strength
the seed was planted to grow my love for you

as the moments of joy happen in slow motion
and the trickles of pain barely harm us
i record every moment of my love for you

as you said our vows while chewing gum
and kissed me with eyes that cannot lie
i am reminded of my love for you

every time i touch your hand
and squeeze your fingers to draw power
i strengthen my love for you

for the times you wipe my problems away
with the swaying of your hand accross my face
i am graced by your love for me

as i watch the world change around us
without needing to chart a new course
i revolve around my love for you

as i form these words on paper
from emotion that pours from my heart
my veins flow with my love for you

and as we add another soul to join our life
with the birth of our first child
i will always be reminded of my love for you

I hadn’t written a poem about us since before we were married. One day while driving pieces of words and phrases started coming to me. After feeling this inspiration I sat down, wrote this, and presented it to her for our third anniversary