2 Great Lists You Must Read

I came across two lists yesterday that although great, they had obviously not taken into account the recent tips written regarding attention grabbing headlines when creating lists. The good news is I did. So armed with this knowledge I will change their titles for you here to further entice you to go read them.

The first list was sent to me by Erik from Productwiki I have renamed to 20 Signs You’re an Overworked Developer which has some very telling methods to determine if you are a bleary eyed coder. My favorite one is “you run a hot, up-and-coming startup, but your parents have no idea what you’re doing; they tell everyone you work “on computers”. I can totally relate as I have relegated myself to just telling people “I work on the Internet”.

The second which was sent by my QA buddy at Myspace was 10 Most Gruesome Sports Injury Videos . Youtube has since pulled the recent Shaun Livingston video which prompted the story, but you can watch it here. There was another list with more videos and a poll to vote for the gruesomest on AOL. My vote goes for the knee injury to Miami football player Willis McGahee. And lastly newsweek had a writeup on our fascination to watch these videos.

There you have it. Two great lists that you must read.