This section is for me to share helpful information that I have gained over time across various areas.

List of the Best Free Software I Have in My Library

Graphics / Photos

  • – Poor man’s Photoshop
  • Picasa – Google’s free photo album software


  • Fiddler – Excellent sniffing tool
  • FileZilla – FTP Client
  • Serv-U – FTP Server
  • Mirc – For the rare occasions I use IRC
  • Trillian – My preferred all-in-one IM client


  • DVIO – Simple no frills DV video capture program
  • Win DV – Much more feature rich DV capture program
  • Virtual Dub – Video Editor which I use to encode all my DVvideos
  • Xvid – Mpeg 4 video codec which I use to compress and encode all of my DV video captures
  • DVD Decrypter – Allows you to Rip a DVD to your hard drive removing the copy protection
  • AutoGK – Allows you to take those files you ripped with DVD Decrypter and create a single Xvid AVI file
  • DVD Shrink – Allows you to burn backups of a DVD
  • VideoLan – My preferred Video file player. Handles any format.


  • A43 File Management Utility – Windows Explorer Replacement
  • CCleaner – Clean up all the crap that is clogging your registry and other areas of XP
  • Daemon Tools – Allows you to create a virtual CD or DVD drive
  • Crimson Editor – Notepad on steroids. I use this to edit code
  • ExamDiff – File comparison tool when you don’t know what the difference between two files
  • Eraser – When you need to delete something off your hard drive with no possible chance of recovering
  • Rnameit – I use this when I need to do bulk file renaming
  • KeepPass – Excellent program to encrypt and protect all your passwords


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