Poetry 1All of my poetry is dedicated to the memory of Heidi. i’ve been writing on a sporadic basis since i turned twenty one. i have not been schooled in the art of writing unless you count all the bukowski books i’ve read. i started writing shortly after a car accident in july of 1987 in which a close friend died. it was this tragic event that impacted my life to the point where writing was essential to the healing process.

much of my writing is a reflection of personal emotions or experiences. i also will at times submerse myself into a fantasy state of mind where i allow myself more freedom. i tend to like to find ironies in life and exploit them. my writing is triggered when when i feel a strong compulsion that enters my mind. i rarely can say “i want to write something” and sit down and begin writing. writing is different for me. it tells me when to begin. once the ball starts to roll, the process consumes me, and at times it seems that i don’t have much control over it. i am usually overwhelmed by a thought and then realize i need to write about it. my goal is to capture the strength of how this thought/emotion is making me feel that very second. i then concentrate on how i can use words to best convey my thoughts and emotions.

on to the words…

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