Mark solemn

All of my poetry is dedicated to the memory of Heidi. Most of these poems were written in my twenties. I started writing in earnest after a car accident in July of 1987 in which a close friend died. It was this tragic event that impacted my life to the point where writing was essential to the healing process.

Most of my writing was a reflection of personal emotions or experiences. I’ve also submersed myself into a fantasy state of mind where i allow myself more freedom. I like to find ironies in life and exploit them. These poems were often triggered when when a thought compelled me to put pen to paper. That process told me when to begin. I was often overwhelmed by a thought and then realized the need to write about it. My goal was always to capture the strength of how this thought/emotion made me feel that very second. I would then concentrate on how i can use words to best convey my thoughts and emotions.

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