My Lifestream for 2009-01-12

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twitter (feed #3) 10:45am The Lazy Manifesto: Do Less. Then, Do Even Less. | Zenhabits
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lastfm (feed #7) 4:32pm The Smiths – Is It Really So Strange?
delicious (feed #4) 8:11pm Best 3-Column WordPress Themes
delicious (feed #4) 8:11pm Write This Way: Writing and Editing Links for January 12, 2009 « Write Livelihood
delicious (feed #4) 8:15pm Hands on: Fwix, the local news and social aggregator
twitter (feed #3) 8:30pm Anyone want to install & review a new Lifestreaming app for Lifestream Blog? It’s open source, requires PHP & MySQL & built on Codeigniter
twitter (feed #3) 8:39pm Ok, #80sphotosday & #80sphotowknd are over. Switching out to my deep thinking avatar as that seems to capture my current state well
twitter (feed #3) 9:29pm Just posted Storytlr Continues to Impress with a Batch of New Features over at Lifestream Blog
delicious (feed #4) 10:37pm Lifestream Script [Information]
delicious (feed #4) 10:44pm My New Lifestream at sean mcgrath’s weblog