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Great Flickr Gallery Widget

I just found this great widget to create an embedded Flickr gallery. You can create yours at Here’s an example of mine

links for 2007-06-17

FavIcon from Pics — for your website This site converts an image into a favicon. May come in handy someday. (tags: favicon tools)

links for 2007-06-15

| Drupal Help, Drupal Themes and Drupal Modules This site will come in handy as I start down my path of learning Drupal (tags: drupal tips)

links for 2007-06-14

Build a PC with the Best Bang for the Buck: This Round’s Components I used to build PC’s back in the day…Now I’m a bit lazier and happy with...

links for 2007-06-12

26 Best ways to implement AJAX, CSS and Javascript based Tabs at Witty Sparks This may come in handy for a new site I’m working on. (tags: javascript ajax...