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11 pictures worth a million words

 Alex was in his first baseball tournament this weekend This was his first at bat in his first game He tipped the ball and was hit in the face...

Spiders and Robots and Browsers…Oh My!

If you run a site and you’re like me…always checking your log stats and curious about the referrer and robots hitting it, then this is for you. I came...
My Gear

Rear Projection TV – Sony KDF-60XS955

Item: Sony KDF-60XS955 Status: Own Bought From: Howard’s Price: ~$3,500 Last Owned: Sony 61HS10 Now drooling over: Sony QUALIA 006 (1080p) Review: None I’d recommend Essential Accesory: Bush VS74377...

Domain Name Info

I have spent a good deal of time researching the domain name marketplace and have come across some really good resources that will be of help to anyone interested: